The Best Way To School

Safe Routes To School (SRTS) was created to help make walking and bicycling to school safer and more accessible for children, including those with disabilities, and to increase the number of children who choose to walk, bicycle, take public transit, or ride in parental carpools. On a broader level, SRTS programs strive to enhance children’s health and well-being, and improve the daily life of all members of our community.

Our Goals

  • Increase bicycle, pedestrian, and traffic safety around schools
  • Decrease traffic congestion
  • Reduce childhood obesity by encouraging physical activity through biking or walking
  • Improve air quality, community safety and security, and community involvement with local schools

We’re open to new ideas

If you want to help us with our mission to enhance the future for San Francisco students and families by advancing safe, healthy and accessible transportation to and from school, please let us know!

Annual Report

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