Walk & Roll

Walk & Roll

Every day is an adventure.


Walking to school is not only a great way to “wake up” young minds and wind down after a busy day of learning, it’s a fun way to discover your local community.

Annual Walk and Roll to School Day (October)

Walk and Roll to School Day is held in early October. Join parents caregivers and children in over 40 countries and all 50 states, who will be walking and rolling to school together!

Safety Tips


Avoid walking in the streets. Use sidewalks or walking paths wherever possible.

No Jaywalking

No “jaywalking.” The safest place to cross streets is at crosswalks and corners.


Look both ways and stay alert. Check for moving cars at driveways and intersections.

How-To Guides & Case Studies

Transportation social

How-To Guide

Transportation Social

The best way to ensure your kids get to school safely, while getting to know your neighbors!
Walking School Bus

How-To Guide

Walking School Bus

Find out how to create a Walking School Bus in your neighborhood. Next stop: Fun.
walking school bus

Case Study

Walking School Bus

See how two San Francisco’s Chinatown elementary schools really stepped it up.

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