Bike & Roll

Bike & Roll

Fun. That’s just how we roll.

Biking is a fun, relaxing, environmentally friendly way to get to and from school. Plus, you never have to worry about parking—all SFUSD schools have bike racks.

All aboard the bike train!

Creating a bike train is a great to make the ride to school all the more enjoyable and easy. Lead by adult riders, who both “drive” the train and serve as the caboose, a bike train is a safe way for a group of kids to ride together.


Safety Tips


Wear a properly fitted helmet for your safety. For children under 18, it’s the law.


Be visible when you ride. Wear bright clothing, use a white front light and red rear light.

Bike Lanes

Follow the rules of the road and use marked bike lanes when possible. Ride with your children until they are ready to ride on their own.


Practice your skills in car-free spaces. Children age 13 and under may ride on the sidewalk.

How-To Guides & Case Studies

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Teaching Kids To Bike

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