Bike & Roll

Bike & Roll

Fun. That’s just how we roll.

Join Us for Bike & Roll to School Week! 

April 29 – May 3, 2024

This annual celebration of fun and healthy ways to commute to schools across our city is held every Spring. Bike & Roll to School Week welcomes anyone and everyone with wheels! It’s time to get out your bicycles, skateboards, wheelchairs, roller skates and strollers. Any San Francisco school, from Pre-K to high school, is invited to participate in the fun!


Safety Tips


Always wear a helmet. It’s not only important to protect your head, it’s the law for riders under 18.  


Be as visible as possible. Wear bright clothing and install reflectors and lights on  your bike. 

Bike Lanes

Ride in bike lanes or along bike routes where present.


Bikers and rollers under 13 can ride on the sidewalk.

How-To Guides & Case Studies

bike blender

How-To Guide

Bike Blender

For a unique way to learn about Earth-friendly transportation, mix it up.
bike train

How-To Guide

Bike Train

If BART and Muni aren’t an option, create a train of your own. All aboard!

How-To Guide

Teaching Kids To Bike

It only takes a weekend to teach your kid a skill that lasts a lifetime. Let’s roll.
Transportation social

How-To Guide

Transportation Social

The best way to ensure your kids get to school safely, while getting to know your neighbors!
How to ride Chinese




Helpful Information Guides