Take the Pledge to Ride Muni


Take the pledge to ride Muni to school on Transit Day.

Not only is it an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, it is free for all youths in San Francisco.  

You can take the pledge today.

The schools with the most pledges will win prizes.  So take the pledge today.

Student groups, classroom teachers, parent organizations – Put together a strategy for getting students at your school to pledge to take Muni to school on Transit Day. The SFUSD school with the highest number of pledges can win: 
  • a private ride on a streetcar
  • SFMOMA museum tickets to special events
  • custom Transit Supply stickers
  • beanies, and more!

All you have to do is get students at your school to Take the Pledge

High school Activation Toolkit
Middle School Activation Toolkit
Elementary school Activation Toolkit

Pledge School (in order of highest participation)

  1. Ida B. Wells High School
  2. Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School
  3. Abraham Lincoln High School
  4. Edwin and Anita Lee Newcomer School (Chinese Ed Center)
  5. Francis Scott Key Elementary School
  6. Frank McCoppin Elementary School
  7. Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School
  8. Raoul Wallenberg High School
  9. West Portal Elementary School

How to Ride Muni!

Bus Stop

Be safe before your ride. When waiting for transit, make sure you stay well away from the curb.

Fellow Riders

Respect your fellow riders. No running, shoving, or roughhousing.

Hold Strap

Slows and stops can be unpredictable. Make sure you hold on to handrails.


Get comfortable. If sitting, remove your backpack and hold it in front of you.›

Transportation social

How-To Guide

Transportation Social

The best way to ensure your kids get to school safely, while getting to know your neighbors!

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