Share the drive, share the love.

If you drop off and pick up your kids every day, there are thousands of other parents out there just like you. Pairing up with just one other family would mean half as many trips to school. Imagine what else you could do with all that extra time! Start or join a Kid Carpool near you.

The Keys To A New Carpool

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Kid CarPool is a free mobile app for families to help facilitate walking school buses, bike trains, transit use, and carpools. The app connects families with similar needs: living within a 1-mile radius and have children attending the same school.

Helpful information on carpooling to school for parents and families:

For school staff:


Encouragement activities make it fun for students to walk or bike to school!

Frequent Rider Miles Guidebook (PDF)

The Golden Sneaker Award (PDF)


Support Safe Routes to School activities in the classroom!

K-5 Educator’s Guide
(Alameda Country SRTS)

Evaluation Tools

SF Safe Routes to School works in partnership with SF Unified School District to collect meaningful data about student commutes.

Back to School Safety Tips from VisionZero SF (PDF)

Identifying Barriers and Developing Solutions to Provide a Safer Route to School (PDF)